• Exercising the muscle mass of the body enhances brain function.
  • Avoid beverages that dehydrate the body and make the body toxic.
  • Balance your diet – 20% protein, 80% vegetable, legumes, and fruit with as little starch sugars as possible.

One thing the hair needs is a hydrated body to nourish the hair bulb

Hydrogenation is very important for the body

All metabolic processes in the body create toxins and free radicals, which need to be neutralized to ensure cell division and hair growth. Also, free radicals enter the body through; air and H20 pollution, pesticides, insecticides, farm products, contaminated fish, preservatives and additives in processed foods, packaged foods, smoking, artificially flavored drinks, and frozen foods.

Antioxidants fight stress inducing chemicals released in the body

Any imbalance on the body can cause hair loss, such as injury, fever, surgery, physical exertion, or stress…once body needs are met the hair will grow back.

Lower Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – produces safe, high energy light that stimulates the bodys’ mechanism to heal and repair itself.  It is painless, non- toxic and there are no side effects.

Your hair follicle is a small organ that holds the hair.  Your hair grows from the smaller end of the hair follicle called the “hair bulb”.  This is one of the attributes of L.L.L.T., it sends nutrients to the bulb.

Surrounding the hair bulb are blood and lymph vessels that feed the hair follicle nutrients and are also responsible for sending hormones which will tell your hair where to grow or not to grow.

That your sebaceous glands produce sebum (an oil) that conditions your hair and protects your hair from becoming to dry and brittle. LLLT encourages stimulation.

The 1st phase of hair growth lasts 3-7 years, which encompasses 80-90% of your hair growth.

That hair in the same follicular unit and adjacent unit can be in different stages of hair growth.

L.L.L.T. is the best solution for treating thin or damaged hair because it stimulates micro circulation, decrease inflammation and improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis.  When used in combination with another treatment, better results occur.

That hair loss resulting from non- hormonal factors are on the rise; lifestyles, stress, poor nutrition, pollution, insecticides, fertilizers, just to name a few.  Let us first give hair what it needs for growth then ask it to grow.

That you should not purchase shampoos that say Dry hair, Frizzy hair, Oily hair, etc. because the chemical additives can not be confirmed.  Use a shampoo that says daily use/mild.  These shampoos are mild and have no additives.  If you have a shampoo that leaves your hair soft and manageable, stick to it.  If not come visit us!

Hair loss is affected more by stress, pollution, alcohol, fast food, exercise or lack there of and sleep, changing seasons, global warming…These factors can be countered with antioxidants and nutrients.  We have a solution.  Give us a call.

“Have Fact” Achieve 30-40% hair growth across all grades and indicators.

  • With Balanced Nutritional Program
  • Creating vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients
  • To help an environment of total well being
  • Support rapid cell division
  • Strengthening Hair Growth Cycles
  • Stand up to all body systems including hair, thereby achieving reduced hair loss and hair growth.

Vaseline is one of the best products to aid in dehydration.  It’s non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), and it lasts all day!  It’s an excellent healing agent for skin abrasions, damaged cuticles and does not harbor bacteria.

To aid in keeping complexions clear, the face should be washed at least twice a day with warm water and soap, followed up with a toner to close the pores.  Moisturize and use a sunscreen daily to protect the skin.

A good home remedy for eczema skin is Crisco Shortening (can).  It provides a substantial coating to the affected area and aids in soothing itchy skin.

When working to clear surface blemishes-never use your fingernails!  Also, note: if you have a lot of melanin in your skin, using nails and metal objects for extracting causes bruising.

Over the counter products are not suited for all skin types.  Care should be exercised when selecting products – a rule of thumb would be to choose products labeled “for daily use”, generally because they contain chemicals that cannot be verified as good for your skin type.

Skin peels allow a deep penetration into the skin and are beneficial in allowing products to heal and soothe without irritation.  They also help to keep skin looking more youthful, smoother and are key to maximizing results.


-A toner is an important part of the daily cleansing process because after a good cleansing to open your pores and free them of daily and environmental debris it’s the toner that aids in closing and protecting the pores.

The difference between an exfoliant and a mask:  the exfoliant relieves the skin of the dead cells laying on top of the skin surface.  After applying products to aid in clearing and medicating the cells, the mask pushes these the products into the skins’ pores.  Do not exfoliate or apply a mask more than twice a week.  Apply a moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen daily.

The difference between a peel and a mask:  a peel is applied as a deep process to remove the damaged layers of skin (best done in winter months). Treat the skin with serums and special ampoules for i.e.; wrinkles, excessive dryness and dark spots, then apply a mask to “push” the ingredients into the pores for maximum effect. Apply a moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen daily.

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