What is Trichology




It is a specialized area that deals with hair and scalp problems such as Hair loss, baldness, breakage, shedding and thinning hair.

Should I see a trichologist?

The answer is yes if you’re experiencing hair loss from the scalp, hair loss due to chemical services, excess itching, scalp scaling or sudden bald patches.

Here is a check list to determine if you should see a trichologist

History of receding hair line, thinning or baldness from either parent or family member
Do you suffer from acne?
Thyroid imbalance
Oily skin or scalp
Male with excess body hair
Have you gained or lost more than 15lbs recently?
Have you experienced emotional stress?
Have you been diagnosed with anemia?
Do you eat a lot of fatty foods?
Do you have any digestive disorders?
Do you have poor blood circulation?
Do you think that vitamins/minerals supplements are unnecessary?
Are you on a weight loss program?
Do you frequently use medications or antibiotics?
Have you recently been exposed to pollutants/toxins?
Have you recently given birth or had surgery?
Have you had an injury to your scalp?
Is your scalp itchy, inflamed, crusty or flaky?
Have you been diagnosed with a scalp fungus?
Have you been experiencing excessive hair shedding?
Do you experience irregular or infrequent bowel movements?

What kinds of treatments may be offered

Infrared sauna (program for detoxification)

Laser therapy ( increases circulation which helps carry nutrients to follicles and increases cell metabolism)

Herbal supplements (superior hair nutrients for hair restoration)

Maximum results may be achieved when you choose to combine all three treatments infrared sauna, laser therapy and herbal supplements.

We are a full service hair clinic offering our clients hair replacement, cranial prosthetic and a variety of special hair treatments.

Trichology Treatments

If growing your hair is a problem, we have the trained professionals to address those issues.

HLCC Consultation


Massage Treatment/w Laser


Laser Treatment


Subsequent Evaluation


Scalp Massage


Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioner

$24.00 & up

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