About Zelda

Middle child makes good

Dr. Zelda Harding

functional nutrition alliance certification

Educated in the public-school system, Zelda graduated from DelCastle Technical High School of Cosmetology. Afterwards, she pursued a career in nursing. But while she was pursuing a nursing career, there was something that always tugged at her. During her work experience, others saw value in her talent by asking her to either educate their staff or to go into business with them.

Sylvia Mack saw a gift in Zelda and encouraged her to continue her education and to be all that she could be. So, Zelda enrolled in Dudley Cosmetology University where she worked for many, many years, finally receiving her Doctorate. Zelda states that when she enrolled into the University, she had no intention of obtaining a Doctorate degree. She went because she desired more knowledge than she previously had.

In continuing her education, she pursued related studies in Trichology, the study of hair and scalp disorders (problems). Zelda is I.T.T. certified but understands that there is still even more to learn. She has owned and operated Zelda’s Hair Clinic & Day Spa. Since 1986 Recently (2017) she received an award from New Concept Hair and Palm Beach State College for outstanding dedication and devotion to the hair placement industry. She was truly surprised when Okyo Sthair CEO awarded her a beautiful plaque, for her dedication. Not bad for a middle child.


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