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Hair Restoration / Her Replacement

Insurance companies may cover the cost of hair loss due to medical conditions


if you’re in need of a wig ,Topper or cranial prosthetics for an existing medical ,you may be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance provider .if that don’t work you may be able .to submit your receipt to IRS as an additional medical expense.



To find out if you’re eligible for medical cranial Prosthetic Zelda’s Hair Clinic.

We suggest you contact your health insurance provider ask if they cover medical units or cranial Prosthetic. If So, what are the parameters.
It’s very important that you use the correct terminology. Medical Cranial Prosthetic when conversing with the representative.



After you confirmed you’re covered for cranial prosthetic follow these steps.


You will need a prescription from your doctor, confirm with your insurance provider exactly what your doctor should write in the prescription to eliminate any discrepancies.
After purchasing your unit, we will provide a receipt for the medical prosthetic submit your claim with your prescription and your salon receipt from Zelda’s Hair Clinic.


Ask your sales representative if there is specific terminology that they require we will do that for you. Please keep all relevant information for your personal records. We at Zelda Hair Clinic know this may be a challenging time. We want to make this transition as simple as possible.


Ask If they cover any of these conditions:
Alopecia hair loss
cancer related hair loss
kidney related hair loss
chemotherapy related hair loss
medical issue related hair loss
radiation related hair loss
thyroid related hair loss



Hair replacements, *Weaves, Toppers,. Hair prosthetic’s, Extensions


I want to smile at my hair again? Don’t know what to do.

There are options available. You may want to change your hairstyle, add texture, color, volumize your hair or want it to rest. We at Zelda’s Hair Clinic may have the solution for you. There are pros and cons when choosing any prosthetic and forms of attachment.



Pros: some attachments allow the hair too rest and grow, such as the pole technique, Christina technique, roll technique and braid technique. Others like extensions ,cold fusion add immediate volume, length and add highlights As do all the mentioned techniques. Some can be removed daily.

Cons: all prosthetic require maintenance, and removal at some point in time. If f time gets away from you problems may occur . It can affect your scalp, hair breakage can occur, hair locing or matting will be emanate and or create an odor.

Want to know what to do and not to do to maintain healthy strong viable hair, which technique and topper is best for you, check us out.

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