07 July 2023

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Zelda’s Houston Holistic Modalities

Zelda’s Houston Holistic Modalities

I am Zelda Harding of Zelda’s Hair Clinic. Guess what? I just returned from Texas, learning about additional holistic modalities that may help us feel better while reversing hair loss. To experience long-term results, the root of the imbalance must be discovered.

To promote healing, enemas can be used. They are more thorough and produce faster results. I experienced a 3-day enema. I can’t wait to expose you to a treatment or two. What you can do right now that may seem too easy is drink water.

Your brain is 90% water, and body is 70% water. These two factors may change slightly depending on your source of information.

For hair to grow, much blood must be circulation to send nutrients to your hair bulb.

Stay tuned for more!

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